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Our Team

Our dedicated team comprises of competent people with extensive knowledge and experience. Our professionalism and expertise helps us to service our clients to their satisfaction. Some of the key members of our firm are:

CA Satish Dhotre

CA Satish Dhotre, FCA,DISA,B.COM,CS/LLB (Inter)

Expertise: Regulatory Compliance, Taxation, Strategic Financial Analysis

Experience: 12+ Years

Satish Dhotre stands out as a seasoned Chartered Accountant, celebrated for his expertise in regulatory compliance, strategic international taxation, and transformative financial analysis. With over 12 years of dedicated service in corporate governance, statutory law, and both domestic and international taxation, Satish has been pivotal in enhancing business operations across various sectors. He has driven success through his meticulous approach to accounting, auditing, compliance, and strategic business planning, leaving a mark of excellence in industries such as General Engineering, Chemicals, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Electronics, Energy, Metals, and Mining.

Satish's academic credentials are as robust as his professional experience, holding a Chartered Accountancy degree from ICAI, Diploma in Information System Audit (DISA), Company Secretary-Intermediate qualification, and a Bachelor's in Commerce. Further solidifying his legal acumen, he also boasts a Law degree. As a guardian of quality and efficiency, Satish ensures that all projects, whether global or India-specific, meet the pinnacle of client satisfaction and are delivered with unwavering adherence to quality standards and timelines.

CA Mukesh Jangid

CA Mukesh Jangid, FCA, CS, B.COM

Specialization: Audit & Corporate Finance

Experience: 11+ Years

As a seasoned Chartered Accountant, CA Mukesh Jangid brings over a decade of comprehensive experience in the audit field, including expertise in GST, Bank Audit, Trust Audits, and Corporate Finance. His professional journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to accuracy, ethical practice, and delivering client-centric solutions. Mukesh's depth of knowledge and meticulous approach have consistently positioned him as a reliable and trusted advisor in the chartered accountancy profession.

CA Anil Khanna

CA Anil Khanna, FCA, B.COM

Specialization: Statutory Audits & Management Consultancy

Experience: 10+ Years

CA Anil Khanna is a distinguished Chartered Accountant with an extensive background in Statutory Audits, Due Diligence Audits, Limited Reviews, Transaction Audits, and Management Consultancy. His expertise spans a wide spectrum of financial disciplines, showcasing his profound understanding of compliance, due diligence, and strategic financial management. Anil's career is a testament to his capability to navigate complex financial landscapes, making him a sought-after professional in the field.

Parag Mittal

Parag Mittal, LLB, M. Com, B. Com, CS

Specialization: Business Setup, Capital Market Strategist and Finance Management Consultancy in India & UAE

Experience: 10+ Years

Versatile professional with an LLB, M. Com, B. Com, and CS qualifications, specializing in Business Setup, Capital Market Strategy, and Finance Management Consultancy across India and UAE. Leveraging a comprehensive understanding of legal, financial, and corporate governance realms, he brings expertise in navigating diverse regulatory landscapes. With a strategic approach, his guidance facilitates seamless business setups, offers insights as a Capital Market Strategist, and provide finance management consultancy, contributing to the success of clients in dynamic markets.



Meet Deepika Wadhwa, a seasoned Business Development Manager with a diverse and impressive background. With 11 years of rich experience in the fields of BPO and Banking, Deepika has honed her skills to be a formidable force in the industry. Her current role involves ead generation, where she leverages her extensive knowledge to identify and cultivate potential business opportunities. Deepika's academic journey began at Delhi University, where she completed her Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). This solid foundation in commerce has been pivotal in her understanding of business dynamics and financial acumen. However, Deepika's expertise is not confined to numbers and business strategies alone. She possesses a deep-seated passion for social work and making a positive impact in the community. This aspect of her personality highlights her well-rounded approach to professional life, balancing corporate success with social responsibility. Deepika stands out for her unwavering commitment to excellence and an insatiable zest for learning. These qualities not only make her an exceptional team member but also a source of inspiration for her peers. In summary, Deepika Wadhwa is a highly valuable asset to any team, bringing a unique blend of experience, passion, and dedication to her role as a Business Development Manager.

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